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Living and Sewerage

Flood-proof / Safety / Comfort Sewerage

Sewerage Handy Guide

Cover of Sewerage Everythng Guide

We have summed up various items, mainly the prevention of household drainage troubles, in "Sewerage Everything Guide(Handy Guide for Sewerage and Living)."

Sewerage Service Charge

Sewerage system is supported by service charges paid by sewer customers, calculated according to how much wastewater is discharged. Often, the sewerage service charge is collected together with the water charge every 2 months to account for collection costs and to make payment easier.

Rainfall information system Tokyo Amesh

image of Tokyo Amesh

Rainfall data gathered by Tokyo Amesh is available for viewing by the public on our homepage(data refreshed at 5 minute intervals). The data is also shared with bureau facilities, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Disaster Prevention Center, and weather corporations.
* Rainfall data can also be viewed from cell phones. Please see our website for instructions on how to access the data.

Efforts towards Oil-Free Sewers

Photo:Sewer clogged with oil

Sewer clogged with oil

Oil that is rinsed down drains sticks to sewer pipes and solidifies, causing clogs and odors. Additionary, white solidified oil, called "Oil Balls", are released with the stormwater into rivers and the sea during periods of heavy rainfall. This has a negative impact on the health of the environment.

Diet Recipes

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Get cooking!

That a little bit of oil you wash down the drain eventually hardens and clogs up our sewers. These diet recipes call for less oil. Healthy, home cooks meals for your friends and family can help our environment.

" Dieting Recipes " which are good to your health and environment.
Efforts have been made to lower the use of oil in the following recipes.


Sewerage Facility Tour on the Web

Tokyo's Sewage System-a capital infranstructure

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