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Microwaved Sliced Pork and Vegetables

picture of Microwaved Sliced Pork and Vegetables

Diet recipes contest
2007 Highest award/ Kagawa Education lnstitute of Nutrition award

Cooking time about 7min
Salt 1.9 g
Calories per serving(Kcal) Conventional recipe 191 ⇒ Diet Recipe 147

ingredients(2 servings)

pork for ginger-fried pork 100 g
bacon 50 g
green pepper 60 g
carrot 30 g
(A)sake 1 tbsp
(A)mirin cooking sake 1 tbsp
(A)soy sauce 1 tbsp
(A)sugar 1 tsp
ground white sesame 2 tsp


  1. Cut pork, bacon, green pepper, and carrot into long, thin pieces.
  2. Place(1)and(A)in a microwave-safe bowl and mix. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave(500 W)for about 3 min. Take it out, Mix well, cover with plastic wrap and microwave again for 2 min.
  3. Sprinkle ground white sesame seeds on top and the dish is ready to serve.

Helpful Hints

  • You can reduce the oil amount by 30 %.
  • By adding sesame at the end, you can increase the calcium and fiber content.

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