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Healthy Croquettes

picture of Healthy Croquettes

Diet recipes contest 2008 Prizewinner

Cooking time about 40min
Salt 0.1 g
Calories per serving(Kcal) Conventional recipe 69 ⇒ Diet Recipe 48

ingredients(4 servings)

danshaku potatoes 2
salt some
pepper some
avocado 1
lemon juice some
grated Chinese yam(nagaimo) 2 tbsp
oil 1 tbsp
dry bread crumbs 1 cup
cherry tomatoes 4 to 8
parsley some


  1. Peel potatoes. Boil from cold water. Lightly mash while hot, and add salt and pepper.
  2. Peel and chop avocado, put it in a bowl, add lemon juice, and mix with spatula until pasty.
  3. Mix(1)and(2)well, add salt and pepper, and make croquette shapes.
  4. Immerse(3)in a mixture of ground Chinese yam and oil before dredging in bread crumbs.
  5. Put oven sheet on baking tray, and bake for about 20 min.
  6. Serve(5)with cherry tomatoes and parsley.

Helpful Hints

  • Normally croquettes are breaded and deep-fried, absorbing as much oil as 20 to 25 % of the total ingredient mass, but in this recipe the oil amount is reduced by baking the croquettes in an oven.

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