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Salad Crepes

picture of Salad Crepes

Diet recipes contest 2008 Prizewinner

Cooking time about 20min
Salt 0.9 g
Calories per serving(Kcal) Conventional recipe 219 ⇒ Diet Recipe 167

ingredients(2 servings)

egg 1/2
milk 20 cc
flour 20 g
leaves of lettuce 4
avocado 1/2
onion 1/4
red paprika 1/4
lean chicken tender 1 piece
sake some
soy sauce(dark-colored type) some
wasabi some


  1. Beat egg and add milk.
  2. Sift and add flour to(1), mixing constantly to make crepe batter.
    Do not whip into froth.(If necessary, add milk to adjust the thickness of batter.)
  3. Stretch plastic wrap tight across a deep dish, and pour(2)thinly over it.
  4. Without covering with plastic wrap, microwave for about 1 min, and peel off the crepe.
  5. Shred lettuce into small pieces, cut avocado into 5 mm pieces, and slice onion and paprika.
  6. Put sake and lean chicken tender in a dish. Microwave for about 5 min. until fully cooked, and shred into small pieces.
  7. Wrap(5)and(6)in crepes. Serve with wasabi soy sauce.

Helpful Hints

  • By spreading the batter directly on the stretched plastic wrap, you can avoid using oil.

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