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Bean Curd Lees Quiche

picture of Bean Curd Lees Quiche

Diet recipes contest 2008 Prizewinner

Cooking time about 30min
Salt 0.8 g
Calories per serving(Kcal) Conventional recipe 466 ⇒ Diet Recipe 139

ingredients(18 cm tart pan for 6 servings)

(A)fresh bean curd lees(okara) 100 g
(A)starch 30 g
(A)salt some
(A)oil 2 tbsp
fresh bean curd lees(okara) 50 g
pack eringi mushrooms 1/2
bunch spinach 1/2
broth some
salt some
pepper some
soy sauce some
yogurt 50 g
eggs 2
slice cheese 2
baby leaf greens some


  1. Mix(A). Make it firm enough so that it stays in a chunk after gripping hard, to make quiche crust. If crumbly, add water.
  2. Press(1)onto the base and sides of an 18-cm pastry shell. The crust should be about 5 mm thick. Bake in oven until lightly brown.(The crust should be somewhat moist. Do not overbake and let the crust harden.)
  3. Dry fresh bean curd lees on skillet, and add eringi mushrooms, spinach, and broth. Let it thicken, and add salt, pepper, and soy sauce.
  4. When(3)is well-cooked, cool it a little, add yogurt and eggs, and mix well.
  5. Pour(4)onto(2). Put slice cheese on top, and bake in oven until brown.
  6. Cut(5)into 6 equally large portions, garnish with baby leaf greens and serve.

Helpful Hints

  • Normally large amounts of flour and butter are used for the quiche base, but here they are replaced by bean curd lees.

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