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Fried eggplant without frying soaked in broth

picture of Fried eggplant without frying soaked in broth

Diet recipes contest 2009 Merit award

Cooking time about 10min
Salt 2.7 g
Calories per serving(Kcal) Conventional recipe 261 ⇒ Diet Recipe 191

ingredients(1 servings)

egg plant 1
soba dipping sauc(straight) 80 cc
sugar 1/2 tsp
mirin cooking sake 1 tsp
oil 1 tbsp
welsh onion cut into thin slices 5 cm
shavings of dried bonito some


  1. Add some sugar and mirin cooking sake to the soba dipping sauce.
  2. Soak finely sliced Welsh onion in water.
  3. Remove the calyces in the eggplant, cut lengthwise, score and coat them uniformely in oil.
  4. Place(3)in a microwave-safe bowl covered with plastic wrap and microwave(500 W)for 2 min.
  5. Pour the sauce(1)on(4), cover using plastic wrap and microwave(500 W)again for 2 min.
  6. Serve(5)in a bowl and sprinkle finely sliced Welsh onion and dried bonito shavings over the eggplant.

Helpful Hints

  • Make shallow cuts in the eggplant and use 1 tablespoon of oil to cover uniformely and you will use only half the amount of oil normally used in deep-frying.

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