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Sewerage in Tokyo 2021

Water Cycle

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  1. The Role of Sewerage in Tokyo
  2. Sewerage System
  3. Sewerage in the Ward Area
  4. Sewerage in Tama Area
  5. Statistics of Sewerage in Tokyo
  6. Management Plan 2021
  7. Principal Measures for Ward Area
  8. Principal Measures for Regional Sewerage System
  9. Energy Management and Global Warming Countermeasures
  10. Sewerage Facilities Supporting Our Daily Lives
  11. Enhancement of Service Quality
  12. Enhancement of Reliability
  13. Living and Sewerage
  14. Finances
  15. History of Sewerage in Tokyo



The Photo on the Cover

As the representative remains of the former Mikawashima Sewage Disposal Plant, which was Japan's first modern
wastewater treatment plant, the facility has been recognized for its high historical value and were the first remains in the
sewerage field to be designated as a National Important Cultural Property (Building) in 2007. The series of buildings of
old days remain, and become an important cultural property for understanding the structure of the modern wastewater
treatment plant pumping station facility.This facility has been in operation since 1922, and having its 100th anniversary in 2022.

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