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Sewerage in Tokyo 2020


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  1. The Role of Sewarage in Tokyo
  2. Sewerage System
  3. Sewerage in the Ward Area
  4. Sewerage in Tama Area
  5. Statistics of Sewerage in Tokyo
  6. Management Plan 2016
  7. Principal Measures for Ward Area
  8. Principal Measures for Regional Sewerage System
  9. Energy Management and Global Warming Countermeasures
  10. Sewerage Facilities Supporting Our Daily Lives
  11. Expansion of various services
  12. Living and Sewerage
  13. Finances
  14. Organization of Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  15. Tracing Back through the History of Sewerage in Tokyo



The Photo on the Cover
Higashikojiya Pumping Station
Higashikojiya Pumping Station receives wastewater from Ota Ward and 5 cities in Tama area such as Musashino City. It has the largest pumping capacity in Japan with a total of 22 pumps and can pump up 100 cubic meters of wastewater per second. It plays an important role of flood prevention by operating pumps day and night.

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