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Management Plan 2016

In addition to the basic role of sewerage, the Bureau of Sewerage in Tokyo has been required to solve new problems due to changes in the social situation etc. in recent years.
We should take measures against rapid aging of sewerage facilities, local concentrated heavy rains that frequently have occurred in recent years and Tokyo Inland Earthquake that might occur in the future. And also we should accelerate water quality improvement in rivers and the sea, including Tokyo Bay which will be a big stage of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Furthermore, issues to be addressed by Tokyo Sewerage are diverse, including reduction of energy consumption in sewage treatment process and reduc-tion of greenhouse gas emissions that has to be promoted on a global scale.
Based on these circumstances, in order to enhance service quality, we formulated “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sewerage Oper-ations Management Plan 2016” for five fiscal years from 2016 to 2020, with an eye towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games and the further ahead of them. In the plan, 3 points below are set as management policies.

Management Policy

Policy 1 : Ensure the safe and comfortable living environment

We will protect the safety of citizens life and support a safe and comfortable living environment by enhancing sewerage functions to deal with localized heavy rains and to withstand a possible massive earthquake, in order to steadily realize the basic roles of Sewerage —improvements to the living environment through sanitary sewage treatment, protection from flooding through stormwater abatement, and conserving the water quality of public water bodies—into the future.

Policy 2 : Contribute to improving the water environment and creating an environmentally friendly city

In order to succeed the good water environment to the next generation, we are committed to work on improving the water quality of the sea and rivers and to promote the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, thereby to contribute to the realization of the world's most environmentally friendly city.

Policy 3 : Consistently provide the best service at the lowest cost

We will maximize our fundamental responsibility as a public enterprise to provide stable service at the lowest cost into the future by strengthening our management base through continually working to improve management efficiencies and enhancing service quality.

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