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Sewerage in Tama Area

Sewerage Service in Tama Area

In Tama area of Western Tokyo, there are some types of sewerage service: regional sewerage service, independent public sewerage service, etc.

In regional sewerage service, we, TMG, and local governments (26 cities, 3 towns and 1 village) cooperate to provide sewerage service. We construct and manage regional trunk sewers and wastewater treatment plants, while local governments are responsible for sewers from houses to regional trunk sewers.

In independent public sewerage system, each local government provides its own service.

The volume of wastewater treated in our 7 WWTPs is 1.02 million cubic meters per day.

Regional Sewerage System Plan

Planned Population 3,496,000
Planned Area 49,069 hectares

Sewers* (March, 2020)

Total Length of Sewers 232,190 m
Number of Manholes 1,230
Number of Connection Points to Regional Sewers 344

*Managed by TMG

Pumping Stations and Wastewater Treatment Plants*

Number of Pumping Stations
(April 1, 2020)
Number of Wastewater Treatment Plants
(April 1, 2020)
Volume of Treated Wastewater in FY2019
(Except for Nogawa treatment area)
Annually :          4600,624,090 m3
Daily Average :        1,258,530 m3

*Managed by TMG



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