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3 Sewerage in the Ward Area

Sewerage Business in the Ward Area

Sewerage business are generally the responsibility of the local authority. However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as an exception implements sewerage business for the 23 wards.
The ward area is divided into 10 treatment districts which are serviced by 13 water reclamation centers. 4.51 million cubic meters of sewage is treated daily.

Ward Area Sewerage Plans

Planned Population 8,692,000
Planned Area 57,839 hectares

Ward Area Sewers (March, 2017)

Total Length of Sewers 16,060,623 m
Trunk sewers 1,103,559 m
Branch sewers 14,957,064 m
Number of Manholes 484,734
Number of Public House Inlets 1,932,891

Number of Pumping Stations and Volume of Water Pumped

Number of Pumping Stations
(April 1, 2017)
Volume Pumped in FY2016 Annually: 787,100,790 m3
Daily Average: 2,156,441 m3

Number of Water Reclamation Centers and Volume of Water Treated

Number of Water Reclamation Centers
(April 1, 2017)
Volume Treated in FY2016 Annually: 1,645,322,040 m3
Daily Average: 4,507,732 m3

Overall Planning for Sewerage Systems in the Ward Area

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