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Sewerage in the Ward Area

Sewerage Service in the Ward Area

In Japan, cities, towns or villages are responsible for sewerage service. But in the 23 wards area, we, TMG, provide sewerage service on their behalf.

There are 13 WWTPs in 10 treatment districts. The volume of wastewater treated is 4.67 million cubic meters per day.

Sewerage Plans

Planned Population 8,692,000
Planned Area 57,839 hectares

Sewers (March, 2020)

Total Length of Sewers 16,136,559 m
Trunk sewers 1,114,070 m
Branch sewers 15,022,489 m
Number of Manholes 486,677
Number of Publicly Owned Sanitary Cleanout 1,953,493

Pumping Stations

Number of Pumping Stations
(April 1, 2020)
Volume of Pumped Wastewater in FY2019 Annually:         831,923,690 m3
Daily Average:     2,273,016 m3

Wastewater treatment Plants

Number of Wastewater Treatment Plants
(April 1, 2020)
Volume of Treated Wastewater in FY2019 Annually:         1,710,513,110 m3
Daily Average:        4,673,530 m3


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