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Tokyo sewerage system plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and pleasant living environment and in the makeup of a healthy water circulation system. In addition to cleaning water that is dirtied by use in the daily lives and activities of Tokyo residents and returning that water to the rivers and sea, the system also speedily removes rainwater from land surface of cities.
Here, we would like to introduce the business summary of our bureau and its main policies.

Tokyo Sewerage Systems: Sustainable Solutions for Global Challenges


We propose sewerage development plans and provide other technical support based on the needs of each country and region, in order to contribute to the improvement of their water environment.




The sewage coverage rate, Average Water Quality of Reclamation Centers, etc. in ward area and tama area are posted.

History of Sewerage in Tokyo


We introduce the history of the development of sewerage in the Ward Area divided into three phases, along with historical background on this page.

Water Reclamation Centers


We call the wastewater treatment plant "Water Reclamation Center." The name (Water Reclamation Center) not only provides an easy explanation of the role of cleaning wastewater and returning that water to the rivers and sea, but also of the new role of using the treated water for toilets in buildings and for resurrection of limpid streams.
We manage 20 water reclamation centers (13 in ward area and 7 in Tama area), with each center promoting various measures to be more friendly with the community in the region. Among these water reclamation centers, we will introduce the 7 centers that receive many foreign visitors .

Shibaura Water Reclamation Center

Mikawashima Water Reclamation Center

Ariake Water Reclamation Center

Kasai Water Reclamation Center

Ochiai Water Reclamation Center

Morigasaki Water Reclamation Center

Sunamachi Water Reclamation Center

Sewerage Technology Training Center


The Sewerage Technology Training Center is Japan’s first large training facility specializing in sewerage technology, which aims to cultivate sewerage personnel and pass down technology and skills.



Tokyo Sewerage Museum "Rainbow", located in the Odaiba Ariake District, is a public relations facility for the Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It is an ecperience type facility that appeals the role and importance of sewer by providing the opportunities to experience the work inside the sewer, pumping station, central monitoring room, and water quality inspection room at "Rainbow Town" in the museum. These rooms are not allowed to enter in real facilities.

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