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Environmental Report

The Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, adopts the ISO14001 Environmental Management System and makes all-out efforts throughout the daily business activity in reducing the environmental load. The annual achievements of our business activity are summed up and presented in the Environmental Report. The Environmental Report is composed of two chapters-Report on Environmental Activities and Environmental Accounting.

1.Environmental Report

The Report clarifies the environmental objects as well as the programs for achieving the targets of the environmental management system implemented in the public sewerage works and basin sewerage works, and summarizes the state of achievements. The Report also clearly indicates the elaborate achievements of the activities regarding the top-priority objects of the Bureau.

2.Environmental Accounting

The Environmental Accounting is a method (tool) to measure the cost and resources invested in environmental activities, and the consequent effects thereof. The Bureau of Sewerage has introduced the Environmental Accounting since FY2000 with a view to ensuring effective business management and effective operation of the Environmental Management System, and to aim at the transparency of the sewerage work through disclosure of the results to the Tokyo residents.

Management and EnvironmentalReport-2007

The content of Environmental Report of the Bureau of Sewerage from FY2004 is available in the Environmental Edition of "Management and EnvironmentalReport-2007."
It is also available in the Bureau's Home Page


In the Environmental Management System of the Bureau of Sewerage, each business establishment makes up activities paying full attention to their regional characteristics, with the Bureau System that includes all of the Bureau affiliated business establishments as the nucleus.
The Bureau System is given a nickname of ECO-SCRUM (Sewerage Bureau Clean and Recyclable United Management System), and all staff members of the Bureau are making concerted efforts together to reduce the environmental load.

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