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Using Surplus Soil from Excavation

The amount of soil excavated throughout the Tokyo Wards for sewerage related construction is as much as 400,000 m3 (FY2006). In order to put some of this soil to good use, the Bureau improves the quality of the soil at our so called "Tsuchizukuri no sato" (Nakagawa Construction Surplus Soil Processing Plant) for reuse later as backfill soil in other sewerage construction projects. In fact, the "Tsuchizukuri no sato" itself was built with the surrounding community in mind, and was built half underground with sound absorbing walls and a buffer of greenery.

Effects of using construction surplus soil

  • Reduces impact on the disposal site
  • Protects environment of gravel quarries
  • Reduces the amount of road travel for transporting soil and gravel

Construction Surplus Soil Processing Plant

  • Location: 5-chome Nakagawa, Adachi-ku, Nakagawa Water Reclamation Center
  • Capacity: 150 tons / hour
  • Improved soil: Calcium oxide (average ratio: 2%)
  • Area: Construction surplus soil produced by sewerage construction in the Tokyo wards

Tsuchizukuri no sato

Construction Surplus Soil Processing Plant

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