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Effective Use of Facilities and Space

Effective Use of Facilities and Space

High demand of land in Tokyo makes it utterly important and desirable to use the limited land effectively and sophisticatedly. The Bureau of Sewerage covers the Water Reclamation Centers with concrete platfom, and opens to the public as parks and sports facilities built on the above-ground space. Along with the use of the above-ground space, we promote effective use of land, by utilizing upper part of the administrative building of water reclamation center for public use. Some of the above-ground parks use reclaimed water (water subjected to advanced treatment) in the ponds, etc. to make an affluent environment.

Water Reclamation Center Above-ground Parks (23 wards (ku) of Tokyo)

(As of the end of FY2006)

Ward(Ku) Water reclamation center Name Area(m2) Main facilities
Minato-ku Shibaura Water Reclamation Center Shibaura Central Park 17,500 Pedestrian walk, trim play equipment and infants'space
Shibaura Higashi Park 9,100 Tennis courts, gateball court and flower beds
Shinjuku-ku Ochiai Water Reclamation Center Ochiai Central Park 21,000 Baseball ground, tennis courts and flower beds
Seseragino Sato 7,700 Place for playing with water, lawn space, children's square, flower beds and pedestrian walk
Koto-ku Sunamachi Water Reclamation Center Shinsuna Athletic Ground 44,000 Soccer cum softball ground, training field, trim, play equipment and tennis courts
Ota-ku Morigasaki Water Reclamation Center Morigasaki Park 35,600 Athletic square, tennis cum volleyball courts, trim, play equipment, children's corner and pedestrian walk
Nakano-ku Nakano Water Reclamation Center Heiwano Mori Park 32,200 Lawn space, Children's corner and fire-prevention forest
Kita-ku Ukima Water Reclamation Center Ukima Kodomo sport square 11,400 Baseball ground and soccer ground
Arakawa-ku Mikawashima Water Reclamation Center Arakawa Shizen Park 56,000 Baseball ground, tennis courts, children's pool, pond, pedestrian walk, trim paly equipment, flower beds and traffic park
Itabashi-ku Shingashi Water Reclamation Center Shinkawagishi 3-chome Park 27,600 Tennis courts, athletic stadium and mini-park
Adachi-ku Nakagawa Water Reclamation Center Nakagawa Park 49,300 Lawn space, square paved by crush stone dust
Miyagi Water Reclamation Center Miyagi Family Park 9,600 Multi-purpose square, sports square and lawn plaza
Katsushika-ku Kosuge Water Reclamation Center Kosuge Nishi Park 14,000 Floral clock, trim play equipment, lawn space, observatory and wall fountain
Kosuge Higashi Park 36,000 Tennis courts, athletic square, health play equipment, wall fountain and raised midou, fountain pond and lawn plaza
Edogawa-ku Kasai Water Reclamation Center Waterfront ball game ground 50,400 Baseball ground, soccer ground and rugby ground
  Total:15 places 421,400  

Water Reclamation Center Above-ground Parks (Tama Area)

(As of the end of FY2006)

ity Water reclamation center Name Area(m2) Main facilities
Hachioji-city Hachioji Water Reclamation Center Hachioji-shi Hachiishi Shimo-hiroba 34,500 Lawn plaza and pedestrian walk
Fuchu-city Kita-Tama Ichigo Water Reclamation Center Fuchu-shi Koyanagi Urban Park 28,700 Lawn plaza, pedestrian walk and pergola
Akishima-city Tamagawa Joryu Water Reclamation Center Akishima-shi Miyazawa Square 11,900 Lawn plaza, trim play equipment, and gateball ground
Hino-city Asakawa Water Reclamation Center Hino-shi Kitakawahara Park 26,300 Lawn plaza and pedestrian walk
Kunitachi-city Kita-Tama Nigo Water Reclamation Center Kunitachi-shi Watershed Sewerage Treatment Plant Square 21,600 Sports square
Kiyose-city Kiyose Water Reclamation Center Kiyose-shi Uchiyama Athletic Ground 37,900 Baseball cum soccer ground
Inagi-city Minami-Tama Water Reclamation Center Minami-tama sport square 8,000 Ground golf park
  Total:7 places 168,900  

Effective Use of Administration Building of Water Reclamation Center

(As of the end of FY2006)

    Name Area(m2) Main facilities
Koto-ku Ariake Water Reclamation Center Koto-ku Ariake Sports Center 7,400 Gymnasium, heated pool and training center

Please contact the respective ward (ku) or city for the use of athletic facilities in above-ground parks.

Roof and Wall Greening

Inside of Sewerage Pipe (Optical Fiber)

Optical fiber communication network of high reliability and safety is built inside the sewerage pipe to make a communication network to connect the scattered facilities and to carry out remote monitored control of pumping stations for integrated management, ensuring effective operation of sewerage work.
Further, the inner space of sewerage pipe is opened to the telecommunication corporations for optical fiber, promptly contributing to the establishment of urban information infrastructure.

Optical fiber cable

Robot for laying optical fiber cable

Optical fiber cable laid inside the sewerage pipe

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